3 Tips to Unfreeze Your Team and Set Your Performance on Fire

Try a few of these tactics to unfreeze your team’s best performance:

  1. Challenging Yet Attainable Goals – Unattainable impossible goals kill performance faster than almost anything else. Reset your goals for this month, and those of your team, and set them free to give their best.

  2. Power Block What Counts – I’m addicted, and you will be too. Train your team to block time to accomplish their most important work before other deliverables take over all their time. Don’t let internal stuff over-power what matters most.

    • Generally referred to as time blocking, I like the name ‘power block’ because it motivates and energizes me to focus, and it peaks the interest of my team to try it themselves

    • The reason time blocking works so well starts with a simple, tragic fact: we are all slaves to our calendars – https://www.roadwarrior.blog/time-blocking/

    • Organizing your schedule instead of making a to-do list takes productivity one step further – https://blog.hubstaff.com/time-blocking-simple-guide/

  3. Ask Open-ended Questions and Listen for Opportunity – There is an art to questions, learn it. Use conversations with customers to ask what they need, how they are thinking about their business, and what’s most critical on their priority list in the next 3 months. Listen and take notes. These are the types of questions that will help you focus on where you can drive value. The opportunities in your business will multiply.

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Peter is an executive advisor, consultant, and facilitator who happily lives and breathes sales strategy and customer experience. With a razor-sharp focus on making sales teams more effective, he combines his creativity, collaborative style, and relentless drive for results. Before Portage, he held VP roles in sales, marketing, and product innovation at LoyaltyOne, Epsilon, The Toronto Region Board of Trade, and Engage People. When he’s not exploring new sales strategies, he’s taking in the great outdoors.

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